Working holiday visa


What this visa allows you to do

This visa allows you to:

a. Visit and holiday in Taiwan

b. During their stay in Taiwan, participants in the program may legally engage in temporary work during the period covered by the long-term visa. Changing employers is allowed.

c. During their stay in Taiwan, participants may engage in academic studies or join training programs for no more than six months.               

d. Leave and re-entre Taiwan as often as you wish within a period of six months.


Six months from the date of issue;

Duration of stay:    

180 days. Within 15 days prior to expiry, the holder may apply for an extension of up to 180 days at the National Immigration Agency service center in the city or county of residence in Taiwan. No additional fees will be required. The total duration of stay may not exceed one year. No further extensions or changes to visa type will be permitted thereafter.

The SNJ in cooperation with the Ministry of foreign and european affairs, strongly recommends Luxemburgish citizens, or residents, to check the following website, where you can find all the details and information about registering at the Ministry of foreigns and european affairs when you are planning to travel abroad: