Working Holiday Visa

Conditions for benefiting from the arrangement

1. Applicants qualify if they fulfill following conditions:

  • hold Luxembourgish citizenship and reside in Luxembourg at the time of application;
  • have not previously obtained an R.O.C. (Taiwan) visa for the Working Holiday Program;
  • have reached the full age of 18 years, and not be more than 35 years of age, on the date the application is submitted;
  • do not list dependents on their application (but dependents may apply separately for an R.O.C. (Taiwan) visa for the Working Holiday Program);
  • intend primarly to holiday in Taiwan for a period of up to twelve calendar months, employment and studying being incidental and accessory;
  • intend to leave Taiwan at the end of their stay;
  • have sufficient knowledge of English or one of the official administrative national languages;
  • produce a certificate of good conduct;
  • pay the visa fees;

2. Required documentation and funds

a. R.O.C. (Taiwan) visa application form for the Working Holiday Program (available on the Bureau of Consular Affairs website) completed and signed by the applicant
b. Luxembourgish passport with at least 15 months of remaining validity as of the date of application
c. Two color passport photos taken within six months prior to the date of application
d. Proof of comprehensive insurance for the entire duration of stay in Taiwan, covering treatment for occupational injuries and related medical care, as well as any other medical and hospitalization expenses
e. Proof of no criminal record
f. Financial statement showing possession of at least € 2,500
g. Proof of possession of ticket to leave Taiwan or sufficient funds to purchase such ticket
h. Health check report issued within three months prior to the date of application